What can I possibly say to express the joy this beautiful Parrot has brought into my life. He is gregarious, amazing, and delights me non-stop. He lives in Oro Valley, AZ in paradise. I adopted a beautiful little dog after I got him.  They are the most delightful buddies – they play non-stop. He thinks he’s a bird and the parrot thinks she is a bird. I cannot describe what a delightful little Cockatoo named Solo has and continues to be to me and all my friends, including the pup named Sadie. Thank you Melody for such a wonderful littl.”


As a life long animal lover I’ve always made it a point to spend ‘quality time’ with my fur family members. Most of them being Birds, a simple 10-15 minutes of play time usually wore them out or bored them and so I went on with my night. This evening I learned a lot more about what being a Parrot owner is all about. Our boy Romeo loves to play. He especially loves to chase his favorite toy.. Tonight we spent a solid 70 minutes playing run, chase, leap in the air,  Lubed prepping me for Parrot life and reading much of the same, but this is truly special. Melody, your boy is quite the special soul.


The overall use of flatsome is very VERY useful. It lacks very few, if any, things! I loved it and have created my first ever website Punsteronline.com! Best yet, flatsome gets free updates that are great! (and the support is amazing as well!:)


Thanks for the dry bread
Without my favorite peanutbutter
Forgive me from the demolition work
For all the mess I make
And forgive my colleaque  who was angry
Because I stolen her earring (but they didn’t suit her anyway)
Amen 🙏


Carolyn O’Connell

Been so very busy, same boring life, but it’s a life I truly love. Only drama is the birds.
If you know me you then you know what I’m gonna do with this room.
Like Dr Frankenstein stated, it’s alive, it’s alive.

thanks for  the  pair of  African Grey alrashid breeders  they are the  best



Elite, gave me a good lesson( demonstration) on Facetime on how i should clip my birds wings


Hello Elite farm
Can someone please explain to me what he’s doing? He’s been making these sounds lately and he doesn’t like anyone to be behind him when he walks backwards when he does that. Anyone has a similar experience with their bird?

Ans …
Rosetta Severance
No shot I would advise,has the bird been DNA I would say it’s a female


Rosetta Severance / Facebook
“Am sorry to say that i had some doubts from the beginning but i decided to give it a try. i was surprised when i saw your delivery van in front of my house. i want to say Thank You so much”
“The parrot was delivered on time as promised. it was a birthday present for my grand daughter. she was so excited. i want to say thank you to the whole Terry’s parrot farm team”
“Thank you so much, my friends couldn’t believe i will get a parrot that cheap.Can you deliver two more at the same price? “
“I am happy to testimony on your website. i will encourage other people to consider buying from you anytime any day. “